Green Cleaning

Microfibre, Nano-Technology, Green Chemicals to Surfactant Technology, Precise always sources the right products for the desired outcomes regardless of brand or affiliation. We make sure we give you the best.

Biodegradable Cleaning Products

The products, equipment and procedures that Precise Commercial Cleaners use are an important aspect in the implementation of our services.

Efficient and new equipment is used onsite to enable our cleaning staff to have the necessary and available resources to achieve results. Precise Commercial Cleaners opts to use biodegradable cleaning products and allergy sensitive materials as much as possible, without sacrificing results for the more heavy duty of cleaning tasks.

Green Cleaning

Staff Cleaning Kits and Chemicals

Our staff are provided with all the cleaning materials and equipment that are necessary to perform the duties detailed in the relevant site cleaning specification.

All cleaning products and equipment used are included in your contracted cleaning price with the exception of bathroom consumable products such as Toilet Rolls, Hand Towels, Bin Liners and Liquid Soap which are available as an additional cost. However, we have done our very best to negotiate the best pricing possible for our clients.

We ensure that our staff have all necessary requirements to continue independent operation for 2 – 6 weeks meaning that no chemicals or equipment are ever needed to be stored onsite.

Always Innovating

There is always another innovative product to hit the market when it comes to cleaning chemicals and equipment. As cleaning providers, we are never short on choice, however, we always ensure the products we use and trial, will have increased outcomes for our client, staff or the environment without sacrificing the ability to actually clean and keep your premises tidy.