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Sanitary Bins and Hygiene Services

Bathroom Hygiene should be a top priority for any commercial office, as your bathrooms are such an integral part of your building and also often a source of germs for your staff.

Sanitary Bins ensure that you can keep a hygienic bathroom without also risking blockages through your plumbing when sanitary products are flushed down the toilet systems.

Precise Commercial Cleaners provide discreet Sanitary Disposal Services at an affordable price.

Either via a Monthly Service through our partner Priority Hygiene or through our Internal Service for more regular disposal.

Sanitary Disposal Services Brisbane

Monthly Services

Our partner provides a Discreet Slimline Sanitary Bin with a Modesty Flap that fits beside any regular toilet.  The Team then schedule a monthly exchange service each month within business hours.  The Disposal Units contain a deodorising lining, dry sanitising agent, natural pyrethrin and deodorant.


Precise Sanitary Services

If you are looking for a more regular service, the Precise Cleaning Team can dispose of Sanitary Products using a SaniPod™. We’ll install a SaniPod™ onsite which allows our team to dispose of the sanitary products at an affordable price.

Automatic models work using advanced motion-sensor technology, meaning there’s no need to touch the unit.

Many women are reluctant to use traditional sanitary bins, with 8 out of 10 refusing to dispose of their sanitary waste in any unit that is offensive to them.


Hygiene Services

Whether you have a small office space with 1 bathroom or a large facility with 100’s of bathrooms, Precise Commercial Cleaners can offer a Sanitary Bin and Hygiene Services to suit your budget and premises.


More Services

We offer office cleans and more. Talk to us about adding the following services to your commercial cleaning arrangement or request them when you are in need.