High & Low Pressure Cleaning

Precise Commercial Cleaners offer high and low pressure cleaning for businesses across Brisbane who have a regular cleaning contract with us.

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High and Low Pressure Cleaning

We clean the inside of your business but did you know we can also clean concrete driveways, paths, pavers, walls, bricks, building facades, signage and more?

Talk to us about Pressure Cleaning Services for all types of surfaces and buildings as part of your commercial cleaning arrangement. Precise Commercial Cleaners team of Pressure Cleaning Technicians have years of experience providing low and high pressure cleaning.

From commercial office car parks and building exteriors to body corporates and schools, we can transform any dirt, grim, mould and mildew affected surface into near new.  

Using a mix of low and high pressure, depending on the job, our team has the licenses and certificates to operate a range of Pressure Cleaning Equipment from the ground or with the help of an elevated work platform.

Why use pressure cleaning?

Requesting a pressure clean at your Brisbane offices allows you to:

  • Instantly transform your buildings appearance so it remains visually appealing
  • Increase the value of the property
  • Keep walkways slip free
  • Eliminate and control odours
  • Impress your staff and clients

Our pressure cleaning team

All our pressure cleaning staff are fully trained and monitored by our workflow management systems so we know they are following our process and delivering the best results. 

Contact us to add regular pressure cleaning to your contract or request a one-off clean for your commercial premises in Brisbane.


More Services

We offer office cleans and more. Talk to us about adding the following services to your commercial cleaning arrangement or request them when you are in need.