4 Ways to Keep Your Cleaning Cloths and Equipment Clean

4 Ways to Keep Your Cleaning Cloths and Equipment Clean

There have been many recent studies into the transfer of germs and bacteria due to improper handling of cleaning equipment and supplies. The solutions to this aren’t as complex as you might think and the good news is that most of us are actually halfway there when it comes to getting the better clean.

Below are four simple tips that can help you to identify those areas where improvements can be made. It’s a simple as:


  1. Washing your cleaning cloths as often as you use them: If your routine involves a weekly wash, you should stop, immediately. Cloths should be used and then washed to make sure they stay fresh and so that your supply of clean cloths never runs out.
  2. Using heat whenever and wherever possible: Heat is the number one killer of germs and bacteria. It’s therefore a good (and hygienic) reason to make the extra effort and iron your cloths before putting them back on the hangers.
  3. Cleaning your disposable cleaning cloths regularly and effectively: You’ll have been told that disposable cloths are single-use only however if they are properly disinfected they can actually be reused.
  4. Colour coding your designated cleaning cloths: This is a great way to organise your cleaning regime. Most importantly, it’s confines harsh chemicals to particular rooms and eliminates the transfer of germs and bacteria to other areas of the house.


The bottom line is this: Avoid cross-contamination at all costs! Doing each of these things doesn’t take all that much time to establish, and should save you time (and money) later down the track.

Colour Coding Your Cloths Can Be More Than Just For Fun

Many of us do this on a regular basis anyway but never more than on a purely aesthetic level – we try to match the colour of the cloth to the mood (or paint) of the room. If you want your home or office to truly have that clean feeling, then you’ll need to take it one step further and designate a different chemical and/or surface to a different coloured cloth.

The Cleaning Power of Certain Cloths Matter

 It helps to know a bit about the differences in cleaning supplies disregarding marketing hype for particular products over others. When it comes to cleaning, microfiber cloths hold a distinct advantage over comparable cleaning supplies.

They may look and feel like towels and most regular washcloths but microfiber cloths work in a completely different way. The secret to microfiber is all in their far superior thread count. They are specially designed to deal with dirt on a microscopic level (yes, that’s right, microscopic) and thereby achieve the cleanest result possible.

Professional cleaners know that not all clothes are created equal and there’s no one better in the business than Precise Commercial Cleaners. Let us take control of your home or office and have it looking both pleasant and clean. Our total cleaning solutions provide great value for money and no task is too big or too small. Head to our website for more information about our services and do not hesitate to contact us for all your cleaning needs!

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