5 Eco-Friendly Steps to Make Your Office Green

5 Eco-Friendly Steps to Make Your Office Green

As a result of effective marketing campaigns, government run initiatives and increased social responsibility, many business owners believe that going green means implementing radical changes to infrastructure and complete procedural overhauls.

This is not the case and in fact there are many small things an office manager can do to make their workplace more environmentally friendly. The biggest thing to keep in mind when taking steps towards this end is to remember that results are not achieved overnight and realising that the process is an ongoing one.


Celebrating the Earth on Earth Day

Why should your company switch to greener alternatives in the first place and why now? On Wednesday the 22nd of April, Earth Day will be celebrating its 45-year anniversary with a view to promoting sustainability alongside economic growth.

This is a great opportunity to make a start, and to help you along we’ll be sharing a few ideas for creating a more eco-friendly office environment.


  1. Opt for Post-Consumer Recycled Paper

Statically, every tonne of 100 percent post-consumer recycled paper that a business uses will save 24 trees. The material (defined by percentage) is made from recovered paper or glass otherwise headed for landfill and is then repurposed into making paper.

Each product has its content verified by the supplier and if you’re looking to make your office more eco-friendly, any paper stock that contains a percentage of recycled content will be a major step forward in that direction.


  1. Choose Biodegradable or Green Cleaning Products

While some believe that the cleaning power of green cleaning supplies is reduced, in actuality there is no discernible difference. Yes, they may add to your cleaning bill but the benefit is that you’ll dramatically reduce the (sometimes) harmful effects of conventional chemicals and cleaning products.

Anything you could normally buy to clean commercial and industrial sites such as floor cleaner, glass and wood solutions or antibacterial soap you’ll be able to find as a green alternative and typically most suppliers will stock a wide range of products specifically formulated for particular cleaning tasks.


  1. Replace Inefficient Light Globes with LEDs

According to the Technology Report released by the Office of Environment & Heritage in 2014, making the switch to light emitting diodes (LEDs) can constitute a 33 to 78 percent reduction in energy use.

It makes additional economic sense when you consider the fact that traditional incandescent bulbs have a lifespan of only 750 hours while LEDs can run at efficiency for 30,000 hours. This equates to major savings over the course of months or years and the simple act of replacing a few bulbs really is one of the easiest methods to implement.

  1. Conduct an Energy Analysis for Your office

Consider that for every degree on your office thermostat your energy bill could vary by 1 to 3 percent. Hiring an external auditor to investigate your business for areas in which energy efficiency could be improved, may save your company 30 percent on related energy costs.

An audit goes beyond merely looking at the efficiency of lighting, heating and cooling systems, insulation, air sealing and the power consumption of equipment and will supply your business with a comprehensive energy management plan that outlines problem areas in addition to providing solutions.


  1. Move Eco-Unfriendly Tasks to the Cloud

Lastly, one thing that many businesses will be able to take advantage of in the digital ages is the comparative benefit of Cloud technology. This can increase a business’ operational efficiency and reduce its reliance upon printers, fax machines and paper.

Going green doesn’t have to be an expensive exercise and you might well find that the small changes you implement today will allow your business to save significantly over the mid-to-long term.


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