3 Questions to Ask your Contract Commercial Cleaner

3 Questions to Ask your Contract Commercial Cleaner


There are two types of professional commercial cleaner, those who clean for appearance and those who clean for cleanliness. There might not seem like much of a distinction at first glance and this presents a problem. How do you know that something is actually clean and not just tidy? This is something that can potentially threaten the productivity of your business and workforce as much as anything else.

From a microbiological standpoint, cleaning for appearance by no means ensures that the spread of germs and bacteria is stopped. You wouldn’t want to inspect things with a black light in this particular instance. It all comes down to identifying ‘high-touch points’ and establishing methods for their regular sanitisation.



1. How should high touch points be cleaned?

One of the leading causes of cross-contamination isn’t laziness or even the fact that disinfectants aren’t being properly utilised, it’s that the same cleaning supplies are being used throughout your kitchen area, bathrooms and workspaces. So how can your cleaning staff most effectively kill and remove germs from the workplace?

Remember that what people consider to be clean varies from person to person and some would argue that strong chemical agents such as bleach do more harm than good over the long run. Cleanliness isn’t defined by overpowering scents or a noticeable sheen, it is defined by a lack of germs. It simply isn’t enough to have your stations look clean they have to be clean, and this can only be done with a professional cleaning service.

2. What is the most effective way to disinfect and remove germs?

The best way to prevent the spread of germs is to ensure that surfaces such as desks and counters, computer keyboards, phones and door handles, etc. are cleaned with Colour Coded Microfiber Cloths to avoid contamination. Cleaning solely for appearance creates a sense of space and improves the visual aesthetics of the room. It also means that the casual observer will be able to exist in the room without feeling the need to run screaming. This is what most of us do in our homes but for commercial applications it just isn’t acceptable.

3. How do you deal with germs and avoid cross-contamination?

In addition, all cleaning commercial cleaner staff should be asked to restrict the use of mops and buckets to specific areas and limit the use of paper towels as substitutes for industry approved cleaning equipment wherever possible. In this way, cleaners will be able to make the easy transition and ensure that they are not just cleaning for the sake of appearance. This is especially more important during the winter months when peoples exposure to germs is compounded by the closeness of the working environment. Remember that cleaners are all that stand between germs and your workforce so if you do need to enforce stricter measures know that you are approaching it the right way.


High Touch Germ Points

For businesses that want to know their buildings are both tidy AND clean, rest assured knowing that Precise Commercial Cleaners can be trusted with the health and safety of your premises and can even tailor a total cleaning solution specifically to your needs.

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