Childcare Centre Shines

We have recently provided restorative services to a number of Brisbane’s Childcare Centre’s recently to transform the tired looking vinyl into shiny, slip-resistant floors that you would be more than happy to let your children crawl around on.
Vinyl flooring reduces noise and provides comfort underfoot. Unlike such hard surfaces as wood, laminate, terrazzo or ceramic tile, vinyl floors have “give” and thus are referred to as “resilient” flooring.
It’s used in Childcare Centre’s because it is durable and time-tested, maintains its beauty under heavy foot traffic and use. It is moisture and stain resistant, so spills can be easily removed and when compared with alternative materials, vinyl offers an attractive installed cost with economical maintenance over the life of the floor.
The Vinyl enhances the aesthetic features of a centre, while often mimicking the look of other hard surfaces, it is “warmer” than ceramic tile, more durable and the color and original appearance will last longer with routine maintenance such as stripping & sealing.
However, the sandy footprint of children soon wears the shine off vinyl and can give it a dull tired look.
By stripping off the old sealer and applying new sealer we not only restore the shine but improve and enhance the slip-retardant surface by using high quality sealers.
Vinyl flooring is frequently used in childcare and healthcare facilities because it is nearly impervious to water, offering a significant sanitary advantage over carpeting and these characteristics are particularly important in your child’s centre.


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