Cleaner…Do you really need one?

Cleaning your office may not be much of an issue for you.

However, the problem gets tough to solve when your highly paid employees and staffs are not happy to do such work, or if your lower positioned employees are not trained or motivated enough to care about the hygiene problem or trash in office.

For many small businesses, spending money on office cleaners may seem expensive and even unprofitable from the business point of view.

However, look at the other side, a dusty, cobwebbed office, with toilet being used up to 15 times a day; your employees are going to be complaining about the unhygienic environment; this then might have a negative impact on your clients and customers who frequently your office.

Isn’t this why we put out magazines in the foyer, order those fresh flowers every week or fake ones, and install water coolers etc to make it inviting to our customers and make our staff environment comfortable. To me it’s a false economy, when I can write my name in the window ledge dust.

The services of commercial office cleaners may be expensive, and may not directly affect profit, but a clean office, a hygienic environment will surely improve work environment, boost employee productivity and restore client goodwill. You’d be surprised when weekly cleaning services can be offered from $30-$40 a week.

You might even consider doing all the cleaning yourself which happens a lot. Well in this case, at least employ a contract cleaner to clean & blade the office glass monthly, polish the floors fortnightly, Clean the Carpet 6 monthly. You can save a lot by having good cleaning practices in house and outsourcing the more professional tasks.

QUESTION: How does it profit you if you are utilizing a high skilled employees to clean your store room or toilets, when he/she should be doing more profitable work related to his/her specialty that moves the business forward? Have you actually estimated the cost of having your own staff that are trained for something else using their time to clean toilets and empty rubbish bins.

When choosing a contractor, think logically, how long would you expect it to take to clean your premises? We all charge roughly the same rate, but more times than not it’s the time allotted to cleaning, which varies. If they are in and out in an hour, and you think it would take you at least 2hrs, re-consider.

At the end of the day, I like to clean, It gives me satisfaction to walk through a premises that I have just serviced and so do many of my staff.

Precise Commercial Cleaners are always going to be a better option may it be from any perspective even if it’s just to look after your irregular cleaning requirements.


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