Is Your Cleaning Equipment Making You Money?

Is Your Cleaning Equipment Making You Money?


If you looked at your company’s books, more than likely you will be able to identify a few key areas where cost-efficient improvements can be made. But what about your cleaning equipment? Writing off your expenditure on these supplies as the ‘price of simply doing business’ means you may end up staring down the barrel of smaller profit margins in the long run. And since cleaning supplies are as previously stated, necessary, they can be tax deductible so really there is no good reason for you to be ignoring the cost of cleaning equipment in the budget.

Like everything else, you should be looking into the ways that the $600 high-pressure cyclone vacuum cleaner will end up paying for itself. If it’s something you will make regular use of (and at that kind of money it should be), then the purchase would be easily justifiable. Think about how often you have need of a pressurised steam cleaner and consider whether having one on standby would yield a greater benefit. Or better yet, consult an accountant and work out a few ways to (legally) incorporate the cost of cleaning into your labour force.



Work Out the Running Cost of Your Cleaning Equipment

There is a real need to properly distinguish between major and minor cleaning expenses in order to properly know where changes can be implemented efficiently and effectively. Most start-ups will shy away from large purchases of capital equipment that would save them money. Why is it that constantly replacing cleaning consumables seems more preferable even though it results in increased micro-management and stressful situations arising when stocks are mysteriously depleted?

Think about the costs that are incurred when the equipment in question is being used. Is it assigned to a localised site, or does it need to be transported to different locations because of storage issues? Running costs are especially important to understand as they will tell you whether or not your cleaning equipment is working hard for your business.

Is It Time To Upgrade From Renting To Hiring?

Every business will need a cleaning working environment in order to remain productive throughout the work day depends on the size of your enterprise. The decision to rent, buy or hire will always come down to specifics and there is not set standard. It will take some careful and calculated decisions to make sure your cleaning equipment is making you money. While there may not be single ‘correct’ way to go about as every business is different, many are asking some serious questions about what they stand to gain from investing in permanent ongoing cleaning solutions.


If nothing else, consider hiring a professional cleaning service such as Precise Commercial Cleaners to do the hard work for you. Even if your company ‘feels’ like it is turning over a profit, odds are that you can streamline your operations further by taking advantage of their affordable total cleaning solutions which can be tailored to the needs of your business, ensuring excellent value for money and care-free peace of mind.

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