From the dungeons of the office to the Coffee Club, this weekend our staff meetings are going Cafe style . We’ve become coffee snobs here, and every time I offered coffee at staff meetings everyone refused. Instant coffee doesn’t get you any friends supposedly.

Joshua will for the first time be Video Recording the Staff Meeting, so that we can re-distribute it to staff that couldn’t attend. In the cleaning industry it’s very hard to nail everyone down at the same time. So this will be great for spreading the word.

What’s on the agenda? We are going to test a new product called Citrus 6000 from Sierra Specialised Products, which is a General Purpose Cleaner. Staff will get the first issue of our Company Newsletter from the Director and we’ll be talking about a new time sheet recording app called TSheets, which should streamline how staff record their worked hours.

I’m sure Joshua has plenty more to add and look forward to the staffs feedback on the new format.

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