Eating at your desk today? Bad Move…….

Electronics & Germs

A new study says the scraps and crumbs from that BLT  you’ll eat today at work fall into your keyboard, and that attracts mice, cockroaches, geckos and the likes to it when you go home. As they eat, they poop on your keyboard and it gets even more disgusting form there.

The excrement on your keyboard gets on your fingers when you type, and then those same fingers are used to eat another sandwich the next day at which point you have excrement in your mouth drop scraps and crumbs again on so the cycle starts.

The researchers at London’s Royal Society of Chemists tested keyboards and found food poisoning agents like e. coli, coliforms, and enterobacteria present. And it’s all because you can’t tear yourself away from your computer for 10 minutes to go to the lunch room and inhale some chips. Now excuse yourself, or you’ll die. Too Harsh! We’ll try this to clean your keyboard, and go finish your BLT in the lunch room not at your desk.

Computers and other electronics comprise a good portion of our office configurations, and since they are used so frequently, often become the dirtiest items in the room. Wipe computer screens gently with a soft microfiber cloth. Blow computer keyboards out with compressed air. Next, clean the entire keyboard by dipping cotton swabs into rubbing alcohol and detailing on and around all of the keys. This process will clean and disinfect the keyboard, and help to halt the spread of germs. Dust the tops of printers and computer towers, fax machines and telephones with microfiber cloths and detail any parts with the cotton swab and alcohol that don’t come into direct contact with the electric components.

Most clients are so concerned about having the toilets and kitchens cleaned that they don’t consider a full clean of keyboards,  chair arms, photocopier controls and the electronics in the office to be as important.

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