First Blog

Interesting day today…just been to a seminar were my brian almost exploded with all the information it was filled with in regards to Social Media as a form of advertising for my business.

So I thought I’d better start get the ball rolling sooner rather than later.

My business firstly is a commercial cleaning company based in Brisbane, QLD namely Precise Commercial Cleaners. Our primary services are to provide cleaning services to commercial client in offices, factories, distribution warehouses, surgeries, schools.

We generally provide these services Monday to Friday afterhours and then also a constantly adding services to our bow that our clients generally use in the hope to becoming a one stop shop for many of them.

These services include;

Carpet Cleaning
Tile & Grout Restoration
High Pressure Cleaning
Window Cleaning
Mould Remediation
and more to come…….

So the blog itself is going to discuss cleaning techniques that we have learnt, describe some of the services we offer, and to post some of the results that we have achieved form the restoration side of the company.

Thanks Martin

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