Fundamentals of T.A.C.T when Cleaning Part 2

Fundamentals of T.A.C.T when Cleaning Part 2


Firstly the concentration in T.A.C.T, not the amount of concentration you have while scrubbing the floor, but the concentration of the chemical or solvent that you are using when cleaning a particular floor. Simply pouring a greater amount of the chemical on to the floor will not facilitate better cleaning. In fact, this can have a counterproductive effect, leading to the re-soiling of the surface if chemical residue is left behind. Consider finally the ‘dwell time’ necessary for the chemical to properly do its work.




There are very few cleaning chemicals that work immediately on impact. Instead, allow the chemicals to linger for a longer period on the surface that needs to be cleaned. Most chemicals will provide some instructions for heavy duty, higher concentration use, and they will also provide a dwell time for the chemical.

Consider each of these variables when wet cleaning floors and surfaces. From a cleaner removing a stain from the kitchen sink, to a tile and grout specialist scrubbing tiles, to a Carpet Cleaner removing stains from carpets those that call themselves professionals optimise these factors in the course of their cleaning, to achieve the best results possible.

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