High Pressure Cleaning

Precise Commercial Cleaners provides a range of High Pressure Cleaning  to Real Estate Companies, Body Corporate Managers, Commercial Offices and Buildings to Construction Sites.

Concrete Cleaning to Mould Removal. We can do anything that you need pressure cleaning. We use Industrial High Pressure Units and an arrange of tools and booms to get to any area.

Access is never a problem either as we have technicians with Elevated Work Platform Licenses to reach any area.

We can also provide Hot Water Pressure Cleaning for those greasy, oily tasks.


High Pressure Cleaning of a Timber deck covered in Mould and Dirt


High Pressure Cleaning of Concrete Driveway at for a  Body Corporate at a Domestic Unit Complex


[leadplayer_vid id=”5118970DB8C4B”]

Exterior Pressure Cleaning of a Service Station and Truckstop

Give Us a Call to Today to Book in a Quote……..

………say goodbye to your dirty, stained or mouldy driveway or building facade.

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