Hints & Tips prior to your Carpet Cleaning

If your about to get your office carpet cleaned Commercial Carpet Cleaners will be about to bring in a reasonably bulking Portable Carpet Cleaning Units into your premises, which will have a number of cables and hoses running from it delivering power, water and extracting the dirt. So it’s important that we both do every effort to make the works go smoothly.

Follow these few steps to ensure a smooth and full service delivery;

  • Lift all the boxes, bins, and paperwork off the floors including around your desk.
  • If possible lift the carpet protector mats up and store them somewhere safe.
  • There is no need to lift office chairs on castors off the carpet unless it can be done safely and they will be secure.
  • All other chairs can be flipped up onto furniture if possible.
  • Move an items that restrict movement in a particular area, a Carpet Cleaning Wand is quite long and tight area can really limit access to extract the dirt properly.

For long term care of your carpets, ensure you engage a Professional Cleaning Contractor like Precise Commercial Cleaners to provide a regular vacuuming service schedule.  Reducing vacuuming frequency is a sure fire way to destroy your carpet and risk your staffs health. See this article from an industry body explaining why frequent vacuuming is essential in the workplace.

If you have any questions or queries of course give us a ring to discuss them. Our team will be more than happy to help.

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