Hiring A Cleaning Company

Top Questions to Ask When You Are Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

When you own a business, there are multiple areas that you have to look upon in order to maintain its credibility and image. Keeping the office premises clean and the environment hygienic is one of the main concerns of any reputable business. Though business owners can always clean their buildings themselves, opting for professional cleaning services has more benefits and advantages in the long run. Not only can it save you money and resources, but the level of quality achieved is also excellent.

However, finding the right people to do the job for you is an important part of the whole process. When you choose a reputable cleaning company with experienced, dedicated and skilled staff, you not only save yourself a lot of frustration but also get the best results out of the deal.

Want to know how to make the right call and choose the best cleaning company of the bunch? Here are a few must-ask questions that will help you evaluate their services beforehand. Take a look:

How Often Will You Be Available & What are your Operating Hours?
Basic, yet every important, chalk out a schedule and discuss their working hours prior to hiring to avoid any unnecessary delays or misconceptions. Most commercial office cleaning companies provide the majority of their services after hours in the early evening.

What Type Of Chemicals And Equipment Will You Use?
Most reputable companies have formal contracts and arrangements with leading equipment suppliers or chemical manufactures. Ask whether or not they are using high-quality, authentic and commercial grade chemicals that do not pose a serious threat to your working environment. If you intend to go for a ‘green’ policy, ask them if they use Green Seal Certified products in their delivery.

Do Your Cleaners Hold Specific Training?
Though experience is an important part of the deal, it is generally feasible to go for a company whose cleaners are well-trained and well-accustomed to working in different environments, using different products and maintaining the safety and quality of different materials in your office.

Have You Defined Any Particular Practice For Safety And Handling?
This once again is another important question and will let you know how the cleaning company plans to deal with the safety concerns related to the chemicals, equipment and procedures being used.

Do You Provide Customer Service Facilities?
Whenever you hire anyone to work for you, the level of communication is a strong factor to be considered. Ask them how they plan to communicate with you and is there a specific policy to handle and resolve any concerns and issues in the long ruin.

While these are some of the most basic queries, you can also ask them in detail about their disinfection procedures, detailed work schedule or other specific procedures to counter cross-contamination and germination etc. At the end of the day, you satisfaction is all that matters – make sure you go for a company that can uphold the promise of quality and credibility you promise to your clients! Best of luck!

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