Managing Your Building’s Key Security

Managing Your Building’s Key Security

When analysing how effective the security measures in your building or property are, it’s important to have in place an effective key or security access control program, along with security policies which all building personnel know and abide by.

Key Control

The lock is the most widely used physical security device, but it is hardly foolproof. Key control is vitally important when protection is an objective for building management. A popular high-security approach is to store keys in a locked and permanently affixed cabinet in constant view of security staff or other trusted employees. Staff keys must be well-identified with attached company labels, ID codes which are recorded on management software and a return contact number so if found, they can be returned.

Key Issuing Register

Some administrative methods must be established to record key quantities and who those keys have been issued to as well as security code s for different employees and contractors. This record may take the form of a ledger book, a card file or computerised key control records.


Keys that are used daily for gaining access to particularly sensitive areas – such as keys held by security officers, cleaning staff and building maintenance employees – require a protective approach which emphasises accountability.

Key Control for Cleaning Staff

At Precise Commercial Cleaners our cleaners are issued with lockboxes in which selected building keys & access control cards are securely stored. Lockboxes are specially designed, weatherproof, fixed steel encased boxes that can be attached to secure parts of the vehicle while moving from site to site. Our field management software freshOps (link to allows us to also securely store and manage our customers build Security Codes. So cleaners just login to site using the freshOps App can have secure access to Building Security Codes, Arming & Disarming procedures, Light Location, Site inductions, Open & Lockup Procedures and more to ensure our customers buildings are accessed securely.

Lock Box for Key Security


Cleaning staff should be issued keys only for the time they require them and for the particular areas they require access to. Depending on the size of the cleaning staff, designated supervisors within the cleaning operation may be issued master keys that, for instance, provide access to the rooms on an individual floors or building section. Issuing two keys to your cleaners is also an important thing to do, so that both the cleaner and the Supervisor & Management have access to the building to cover sick days and perform site inspections etc.

Cleaning staff must also understand the policies with regard to security code management (how often security codes are changed, where they can be accessed), key management (as discussed above) and building access (which areas they do and do not have access to, during which time periods).

Key Security Code & Management

You should also establish a policy which states how often security codes are changed and where security code records are kept. Security codes should be changed minimum once every 6 months to prevent your security from being compromised by opportunistic people using codes which rarely change. Security code records should be kept in management software, not on key tags or as part of any other security access equipment (ID badges, cards, etc.) similar to below image. That way, even if any security access equipment goes missing, your building security will not be compromised.

Security Codes & Key



The Art of a Security Practitioner

Through your security procedures and policies, your aim is to make control mechanisms relatively hassle-free for all your employees, visitors, contractors and the public at large. Your business should flourish without the appearance of constricting security operations.

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