Managing Client Expectations in the Cleaning Industry

Managing Client Expectations in the Cleaning Industry

When it comes to the successful operation of a cleaning business, what is very often

overlooked is the importance of the effective management of the expectations of your

clients in the Cleaning Industry. Anyone who runs a cleaning business will be well aware that clients often expect

the best. Indeed, while they have every right to expect the best service possible, their lofty

anticipations are often not commensurate to the budget that they have available to them for

the completion of the task. It will therefore be plainly apparent that it is a true necessity for

operators of cleaning businesses to ensure that client expectations are well managed.




Clients Must Value Time Properly


A real problem that crops up time and time in the cleaning industry again for operators of cleaning businesses is the

phenomenon of clients undervaluing the amount of time that it takes to complete assigned

cleaning tasks. Many clients simply do not possess the understanding that the process of

cleaning is not always a simple one, and can, on occasion, take longer than might typically be



Most cleaning contractors in Australia pay their employees above the rate of the National

Award Conditions, and therefore differences in price are typically linked to the amount of

time that is allocated to clean. In fact, it is generally the case that the greater the cleaning time

required, the higher the cost to clients. It is important that clients are made well aware of the

correlation between time taken for cleaning services and time. It is paramount that clients be

made aware that typically, more money equals a longer cleaning allocation.


Communication Is the Best Way to Manage Expectations in the Cleaning Industry


Communication is, as in many aspects of life, paramount when it comes to interaction with

your clients. Defuse the situation by showing that you intend to consider the complaints and

meet any needs that a client might have. If a client expresses dissatisfaction at the cleaning

service provided, it is best to engage in conversation about how best any issues can be

resolved, and negotiate a new time frame in which to have the cleaning task completed.

Some clients may look elsewhere, in an attempt to get a new quote from another cleaning

business operator, at a cheaper price. However, it is important to make clients aware of that,

within the Australian workforce, in general, as far as labour is concerned, less money means

less quality in the end product.


Clients Must Keep a Reasonable Outlook


Clients are often not aware of how quickly the cost of a few small tasks can quickly add

up, even if these are only five minutes per day over the space of a month. There can also

be an issue of mis-communication between receptionist and administration staff, who may

tell cleaning staff one thing, while managers and bosses really want a different service at a

cheaper cost.


Keep you Expectations reasonable










Companies who have reasonable expectations find that the benefits are considerable, as they

receive better quality and more reliable services when they foster long term relationships.

Those clients who fail to do so risk falling into a cycle of constantly changing their cleaning

service provider.


It is in the best interests of both the cleaning service provider and the client to leave lines of

communication open. This leads to the avoidance of disputes and keeps both parties happy

and satisfied.

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