Office Cleaning:The Importance of Time and Attendance

Time and Attendance: The Importance of Managing Your Office Cleaning Staff


Hiring an office cleaning staff may seem like a simple act superficially, but there’s a lot that goes on under the surface. After all, when a building or company hires a cleaning service they are allowing strangers into their space and putting their trust into that service – trust that the staff will clean conscientiously, take care with their valuable equipment and possessions, and always leave the place better than when they arrived. Being able to guarantee not only the security and safety of your cleaning staff but also their efficiency and reliability is not just a recommendation – it’s a requirement. That’s why more and more cleaning services are turning to Internet-driven solutions to manage their staff from clock in all the way through their work shift.


Benefits of a Time & Attendance System in Office Cleaning

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A T&A system that allows staff to use their mobile phones to track their schedule and movement and has plenty of benefits for your business:

• Reduced paperwork, inaccurate and easily lost or damaged paper time sheets are replaced with perfectly accurate online tracking.

• Increased efficiency, as tracking data is automatically collected and sorted, as opposed to collecting timesheet info from a variety of sources (mail, email, fax, etc.).

• Faster payroll processing.

• Ability to produce rich reports for clients showing exactly how much time your office cleaning crew spends at their location.

• Task assignment becomes easy, with specific tasks including clear, written instructions can be instantly conveyed to the staff on site.

• Increased Security: If any damage or theft occurs, you can pinpoint the location of your staff to the minute when dealing with angry and alarmed clients.

• Increased safety: If staff fail to check out of a property, you are aware immediately and can check on them to see if they are sick or injured.


Expense Not Necessary


You might think that in order to get these benefits of a first-class T&A System, you would need to invest a lot of money in an expensive system with Bundy Clocks and RFID Card Scanners. This is simply not true – because you can choose instead to use services for office cleaning such as FreshOps ( FreshOps is an affordable, ultra-modern system for tracking your employees’ time and attendance. It combines a simple, easy-to-use web control panel and your employees’ own phones – there’s no special equipment, just a smartphone App and tamper-proof location tags that are accessed via NFC or QR codes depending on the phone’s capabilities. It’s easy to set up, there’s a free 30-day trial, and the system is flexible enough to account for travel time and meal breaks without any problem. The FreshOps system has a low monthly fee and a small price that’s charged per entry – but the savings you’ll realise from the increased efficiency and reduced time wastage will more than pay for itself.


Your cleaning staff needs to be tracked – but you don’t need to go bankrupt doing so. Step into the 21st Century and install a great Time and Attendance System today.

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