3 Ways Your Office Depot Makes You Sicker

3 Ways the Office Depot Is Making You Sicker


The shared office depot floor may be doing you more harm then you actually realise. Studies have shown that work-related stress has direct adverse effects on a person’s health and when alarmingly high percentage rates of people are still going to work even when they are feeling unwell; the office depot environment can really make you sick.


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Even commuting to and from work can be a killer. As living costs rises and as more and more people take public transport to get to work, the risk of exposure to foreign pathogens is increased exponentially. And the longer the ride to work is, the worse it gets for everybody once the clock starts.

1) Close Proximity and Poor Ventilation Are an Unhealthy Combination

According to the Families and Work Institute, a mere 28% of employees when surveyed said that their health was excellent, a figure which has been steadily falling over the past six years. And there are many other factors contributing towards these trends such as the closeness of the environment, the degree of airflow and ventilation and proximity to co-workers.

Various solutions to fixing the problem of open-air office depot throughout Australia have been put forward from introducing more plants to the floor, and ‘standing’ furniture. These are things that may be more than difficult for an employer to control and as it is unlikely we’ll be able to free ourselves from the clutches of technology any time soon, our predicament seems quite dire.

2) Hot Spots and High Touch Points Are Everywhere

Many employees go into work and never get sick a day in their life, but experts are saying that daily exposure to germs are weakening our body’s defence mechanisms and abilities to fight off bugs circulating the work place. Studies are showing that the highest transmitters of germs in the office are things that we use often such as the telephone, the computer keyboard, the shared printer in the corner and even the water cooler. Believe it or not that is actually good news for workers as these ‘hot spots’ of viral bacteria can be controlled via professional cleaning contractors.



3) The Entire Office Depot Suffers From Sick Building Syndrome

From a purely financial standpoint hiring professional cleaning services just make sense. The cost of sick days and low levels of productivity over time compound the issue and end up costing your employer more. In fact, companies around the world are losing billions every year due to ‘sick-building syndrome’ and the adverse effects this has on their employees.

A healthy workforce that can maintain efficiency means that your company will have more money to spend at the end of the working day. Remember that your choice of cleaning contractor is a crucial one. Naturally you’ll want to make sure they will do a comprehensive job without compromising the health of your employees further through the use of harsh and overpowering chemicals.



Choosing Precise Commercial Cleaners whose expertise and proven track record will mean that your business cleaning needs will be met at not just a high standard, but also at a competitive price.

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