Our History & Culture

Our History & Culture


As a Brisbane owned and operated business that commenced in 1999, Precise Commercial Cleaners value our clients and staff and work collaboratively to provide exceptional commercial cleaning and maintenance solutions to the commercial office spaces on a regular and ongoing basis.


I grew up around cleaning with both parents heavily involved in the cleaning industry from the age 13-14. So it was only fitting that all my part-time work as a teenager was spent cleaning toilets, vacuuming and learning the tricks of the trade which has now become a passion that drives me everyday, to make cleaning easier, consistent and to continue to deliver the same service as if I was doing the job myself.

As a Brisbane’s premier commercial cleaning company, we pride ourselves on exceeding client expectations. Our people and systems allow Precise Commercial Cleaners to offer highly proactive customer focused solutions ensuring that our services are of the highest standards.

By promoting a supportive workplace for our staff, we achieve superior service levels with our clients by continuing to give staff live onsite access to systems and training videos for a range of tasks.

One of our greatest strengths has always been the ability to use our industry knowledge and expertise to ensure our clients have clean and presentable premises and embrace technology to bring the field staff and the office and management onto the one page.


We also assist clients minimise the impact on the using environmentally safe chemicals and cleaning products in our provision of services.

Through our relationships with our clients we ensure that our people and clients combine to create a truly respected organisation.

We pride ourselves in delivering our services reliably, as planned and on schedule so that we continually maintain our clients expectations which are at the core of everything we do.

The use of technology not allows our staff to communicate back forth with the management, but provides staff who often work alone for long periods of time by themselves to feel and get an idea of the bigger picture. That is to deliver superior cleaning services as a united team.

We still have along way to go to achieve the perfect service, but strongly believe we are on the right track. Years of Feedback from clients and mistakes, have given a clear understanding of what most clients are after in a cleaning contractor.


We believe that most clients want a service that is reliable, consistent, monitored and controlled so that they can forget about any cleaning issues and get on with what they do best. The lack of this has driven many competitors to compete on price only, because they lack the skills,  insight and experience to deliver a superior service that clients want. We believe that the relationship between the client and the cleaning contractor should be considered a long term one, and we pride ourselves on a client retention and longevity with many of our current customers. 

Martin Callan


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