Quality Management

Precise Commercial Cleaners provide professional and specialised cleaning,  maintenance and restoration services to clients that require services of some kind of commercial office space.

It is Precise Commercial Cleaners mission to provide exceptional services to our clients driven by the integrity, teamwork and innovation within our organistion.

It’s our responsibility to ensure that these policies and procedures are known and accepted by the personnel Precise employs and are reviewed annually to ensure continuing suitability. However gone are the days of shelves of manuals that are dust gathers for out of date or irrelevant procedures.

At Precise Commercial Cleaners we believe that policies and procedures must be under consistent review and alteration, which is why we like to use the term “HOW TO” pages.

Mobile staff in the past have not had access to policies and procedures and it’s unrealistic to expect them to remember them all. Which is why we launched are own intranet “iPrecise”.

iPrecise allows us to keep and create live, up to date “How To” pages from everything from how to change the Photocopier Cartridge to the standard process of Cleaning a Toilet Bowl.

Whats even more impressive, is that its not boring checklist and electronic manuals, its complete instructional videos, summaries and photos for the modern world, that staff can access at any time, anywhere on their mobile devices.

iPrecise isn’t the only way we’ve done away with manuals and folders, we also run a complete Customer Relationship Suite as well as live in the Field Task and Scheduling Management System, as well as Time & Attendance System which ensures we manage our staff in the field easily and reliably.

These technologies and systems demonstrate our commitment to improve services by:

  • Maintaining quality systems which continue to deliver consistent results to the client.
  • Monitoring client satisfaction by conducting regular surveys and inspections.
  • Monitoring & ensuring all personnel are adequately trained, inducted and continually educated.
  • Continuously improve and innovate “How To’s” by regularly reviewing company objectives, procedures, systems and client expectations and requirements.

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