Slips & Trips in Offices

Office Slip & Trip Accidents

Slip & Fall accidents are constant problem in the workplace whether in public entrances or areas moving from workshops and factories into office spaces. Sealing floors can be provide an added slip resistance factor, but only if completed correctly.

A common reason, is when it rains many of these offices get staff entering with wet feet and it’s very surprising the amount of commercial offices that do not have any mats at the entrance. Not only this, but upon walking onto hard floors that have been cleaned with certain chemicals, the chemical residue can reactivate with the water and create a slippery surface.

Sometimes it can be the opposite. At times when the environment is really dry, and there is dust and dirt in the air dirt and dust can settle on floors that are not frequently cleaned and make them slippery as well.

There are a multitude of reasons for slippery floors:

• Wrong or inferior chemicals were used: Ask your cleaners about the chemicals the use on your floors. Although there are many general purpose floor cleaners out there, in many cases you need to have a specific chemicals for a specific floor.
• Incorrect application of Floor Polishes at Strip & Sealing Time: Could be too many coats of polish, the polish isn’t hardened, not enough coats of sealer
• Dirt, Over Saturated Dust Mops: Dust mops still need cleaning, but many do not get cleaned frequently enough, just lent up in the corner. You may just be push dirt around the flooring.
• Unclean Equipment: Don’t mop the floors with unclean mops, and if you are applying sealers use clean or new applications pads.

When you engage  Commercial Cleaning Company to clean your offices make sure you ask the contractor What Chemicals they plan to use on which floors? How they Clean their Equipment, Mops and Clothes? What the Slip Factor is on the Sealers? It’s amazing how many customer rarely ask those simple questions when choosing cleaning companies.

We regularly take on new cleaning clients in Brisbane and find the old cleaning companies mops and buckets in a room somewhere and they are filthy. I just think to myself, no wonder the client wasn’t happy.

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