The Smell of Cleanliness

What Does Cleanliness Smell Like?


Does ‘clean’ have a scent or is it rather the lack of fragrance? Some individuals may associate cleanliness with a rose scent, while others may identify a clean smell with the lack of any smell whatsoever. Where everyone can agree, however, is that the odors of mildew, dust, garbage, or a messy bathroom does not indicate a clean smell.

Clorox bleach, PineSol cleanser, Febreeze sprays and air fresheners, and Dial soap each have a unique fragrance, and for many, these smells conjure up the essence of ‘clean’. Even laundry detergent or dryer sheets touted to smell of ‘fresh linen’ or ‘summer breeze’ are associated with cleanliness, but do you really prefer one of these artificial scents to the real thing: fresh flowers on a kitchen counter, sheets dried in the open air, or even the lingering smell of soap from freshly washed hands in a bathroom.

Certainly it becomes a matter of opinion and personal preference, but even the most discerning of noses would probably agree that the lack of any smell at all would be preferable to an overwhelming artificial smell. For instance, have you ever stepped into an elevator or walked into a room where someone was wearing a strong perfume or cologne? Or had a whiff of an overactive air freshener, pumping out excess floral fragrance to the point where one’s eyes may water? You get the idea. And although these smells may not be ‘unclean’ scents, they are not exactly inviting or evocative of cleanliness.

How much of a scent is too much before it goes from a fresh, clean one to overpowering or even noxious? Again, it is a matter of personal preference (and nose), but the balance between no fragrance and a formidable scent is important in ensuring that a room smells clean.


cleanliness bedroom

Also bear in mind that for every cleaning product that contains an added scent, there are a slew of others that do the same cleaning jobs, but are fragrance free and/or completely natural (baking soda, white vinegar, etc.). But if you happen to prefer the smell of the great outdoors lightly sprinkled in your carpet, the sharp yet effectively clean scent of bleach in your toilets, or a hint of vanilla in your kitchen (even if you’re not baking a batch of cookies), there are plenty of subtle ways to evoke that smell of clean as well.

The scent of clean may be up for debate; however, the look and feel of clean in your office space is non-negotiable, and Precise Commercial Cleaners will absolutely get your office clean, safe, and germ-free – the smell of that cleanliness, fragranced or scent-free, is completely up to you.

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