Spring Cleaning Anyone?


Spring is Around The Corner

I know, it’s tragic that the year flys by so quick…….
they’ll be advertising Christmas Sales Soon

It’s that ime of the year that most of us look towards some spring cleaning:

* Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning
* Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning (seen here)
* Window Cleaning
* Tile & Grout Restoration
* Vinyl Floor Restoration
* Cupboard Cleaning
* Fridge Cleans
* Wall Washing
* AC Duct Cleaning

Now is a good time to look at having these services done.

What Can Precise do to help?

We can supply all these services and more including
* Ensuring Bathroom Areas are Clean & Hygenic
* Door Handles are sanitised
* Food Preparation areas are Clean & Hygenic
* Disinfect Phone Handsets

Remember, there is a difference between Looking Clean and being Hygenic.

Call or email us to arrange a quote for the Spring Services.

Let’s Get Professionals In!

Please, if you’re interested in having one of our staff provide you with a
complete maintenance solution for your premises, or simply taking up one of
our services individually, jump on the website and contact us.


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