Ten Mistakes You Can Make When Stripping Vinyl Floors

Ten Mistakes You Can Make When Stripping Vinyl Floors

Vinyl floors look great and improve the ‘wow!’ factor of your office when clients come to visit. The only problem is they can sometimes be a real pain to clean. Odds are you’re actually making things harder (not to mention more work) for yourself by making any one of these ten common mistakes:

  1. Learning to run before you can walk: Floor stripping is an art that takes time to master. You’ll want to make sure the entire floor is pristine by the end so it makes sense to practice on a small corner of the floor until your confident you can take on the whole job.
  2. Not having the correct tools and equipment: Have you ever tried to hammer a nail with a blunt end of a screwdriver? That’s a little bit what it’s like when trying to get through the floor stripping process without the right tools.
  3. Not knowing which cleaning products are safe to use: Don’t make the mistake of not knowing what chemicals can be used on what type of floor – there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to stripping your floors.
  4. Using mops and buckets that were used for something else: Be sure to use clean water and equipment to avoid making an unnecessary mess.
  5. Wearing clothes unfit for the job: Never wear any clothing that will not protect you and at all times you should be making good use of goggles, gloves and enclosed non-slip shoes.
  6. Failing to display safety signs: When doing anything involving floors make sure that safety cones and ‘slippery-when-wet’ signs are easily visible.
  7.  Overextending the work area:  Keep the floor sectioned off on places where you are working and strip the floors in manageable segments.
  8. Improperly diluting the floor stripper: Read the instructions carefully and if in doubt, always opt for using cold water to dilute any chemicals for the best (and safest) results.
  9. Walking over the floor before it has dried: This is a big no-no. If you’ve left something on the other side of the room and painted yourself into a corner so to speak, wait until the floor is completely dry.
  10. Using a wet/dry vacuum and not using a defoamer: A defoamer is important in industrial process liquids because it helps stop the formation of foam leaving a proper sheen.

These are some simple mistakes that are easy to make but are also very easy to avoid. There should be no reason for your floors to suffer needlessly. The term ‘showroom floor’ applies to more than just car dealerships, it’s where you do business and you deserve to have yours working for you.

If you’re looking for a professional cleaning service that won’t be breaking any of these rules, it may be time to contact Precise Commercial Cleaners. There is nothing quite like the stunning shine of a freshly stripped and polished floor, and whether it’s vinyl or terrazzo we can help! We have the expertise and equipment to turn your dull floor or hallway into an impressive feature that will be commented on by all.


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