Tips for Cleaning Linoleum Floors

Cleaning Linoleum

With their recycle-friendly nature and anti-microbial properties, linoleum floors are a popular hard floor option in most commercial setups. They have wooden floor-like properties. Linoleum is tough, durable and long lasting but it is susceptible to moisture and alkalinity. To maintain its sheen and retain its structure, a regular caring and maintenance regime is required.



Linoleum Cleaning



 Clean it the Right Way

Cleaning linoleum floors is a little different from the regular conventional methods that are widely used. Using bleach or mopping it with chemical disinfectants will make the floor deteriorate over time; therefore, special attention is needed in this case. Linoleum can absorb water quickly, so it is better to wipe and mop any liquid off it as soon as possible.


Use a damp mop to clean the surface off the dirt and residue. Avoid any harsh scrubbing; use a soft

microfiber mop instead. If linoleum absorbs water, it will present a withered, faded look that can be very

unattractive in a commercial area.


Linoleum Cleaning

Use the Right Products

Linoleum is more sensitive than vinyl flooring and thus requires special materials and products for its

effective cleaning. Use of pH-neutral cleaners is often recommended, as well as mild detergent solutions

especially manufactured for linoleum flooring. For more information, you can request help from the

installer on what products should you use for optimum care and maintenance of the flooring. Linoleum

flooring is made up of natural oils and materials, and they can be quickly degraded by products that

have a pH of over 10.



Cleaning Linoleum








Aside from the regular maintenance, deep cleaning and professional checkup of linoleum floors is

essential once or twice a year to keep it in top shape. Sealing is also a necessary procedure which can

not only extend the life of linoleum flooring but also give it a glossy shine. However, as the material is so

porous, it is important to get the sealing done by an expert who knows what products work best and can

protect the floor for a long time.

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