Relocating or Moving: Tips for Moving

Relocating your Brisbane business can be a mammoth undertaking that requires a lot of careful planning and consideration if you want it to be a successful move.

There are a few really important things to consider when making the transition, including the following crucial factors.

Finding The Right Office Layout

Regardless of why you are moving, you are going to want to ensure that the place you are moving to is good for your business and doesn’t have any specialised cleaning requirements. Pick a place that has simple furnishing and easily cleaned flooring surfaces. You are also going to have to be sure that you move somewhere that is large enough but which doesn’t have large unused floor spaces, that will still need cleaning whether you are using them or not. It might be the right time to consider expanding a little or even downsizing, so think seriously about this before choosing your new lease.


When moving out of your old premises and into your new one, you are definitely going to need to hire Precise Commercial Cleaners to clean up after you . If you don’t want to be that tenant who left a mess and you also want to ensure that you are moving into a place that is as clean as possible, call us in to provide an Exit Clean and an Entry Clean if required. There are a lot of great companies that offer office exit cleans in Brisbane, so if you don’t already have regular cleaners, you will probably want to bring in some professionals.

Introduce some new Rules & Policies

Relocating is a great opportunity to make a few changes and try to do some things differently. So it’s a grat time to introduce new policies to keep the workplace clean. Such as a clean desk policy, recycling program, kitchen duty roster. If your business consists of more than just yourself, maybe call a meeting to look at the new space and brainstorm some ideas. The way you are set up can have a huge impact on productivity and the feel of your work place, so consider shaking things up – now is the perfect time to make some new rules for the office.

Tell People

There is nothing worse than traveling across town to go to your favorite business and finding that they aren’t there anymore. Amazingly, a lot of business forget to let everyone know they are moving and therefore lose a lot of their regular client base. Email you client & supplier list, promote the move on your website and invoices. Of course make sure you tell your cleaning contractor well in advance, as we can always provide strategies and cleaning schedules and plans to make the transition easy.

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