Top 4 things that effect the Cost of your Office Cleaning.

The cost of your office cleaning will be depend on a number of factors

Listed here are the Top 4 things that effect the Cost of your Office Cleaning

The SIZE of the office space

The TASK you wants to performed

The FREQUENCY of clean

The STANDARD required

All these factors have a great affect on the cost. So this is way it’s important to have a budget in mind. Also think yourself in real terms how long you would expect it take to clean your premises.

Most of us clean our own homes. How long does it take to clean a bathroom? How detailed do you want the cleaning to be? What is the SIZE of your office?

The big issue is how clean are your staff. When your cleaning budget, the amount of cleaning required to maintain the premises and the cleanliness of your staff don’t all match up something is going to result badly.

Time and Time again see clients who expect the premises to be super clean, don’t want to much for it and they have staff that leave everything to the cleaners. A clean workplace starts with the staff onsite who spend the most time there.

So it’s important to be realistic about your office cleaning and evaluate whether simple housekeeping rules in your office can keep your premises clean and tidy, reduce the TASKS required by cleaning staff and ultimately reduce your costs.

If anything most premises are under services in regards to FREQUENCY. Some premises do only need cleaning weekly, but that’s some, usually the small 3 or 4 person offices. Some premises do need cleaning daily.

Everyone’s Standard are Different

The STANDARD you expect vary’s greatly between customers. We would all like to be sitting in a nice clean corporate office however keep in mind that many of them are services daily and in some instances have onsite day staff to keep the areas clean during the day. So that standard in most small to medium premises really depends on the other 3 factors mentioned.

We have our own standard task list that our staff follow, but it’s important for you to raise my issue with us when we are quoting. Everyone expects a different standard of clean, if this wasn’t the case all our homes would be in showroom condition and they simple aren’t.

Be extremely mindful of the facts that the individuals you engage will be coming to your premises on a regular basis, it is more important that you feel comfortable with them and feel confident that than will aim to resolve any minor issue and treat your premises and property with the outmost care and respect than choosing a supplier based only on price.

Not everything can be included in the standard clean. So any extras that you request or are identified by our staff will be billed separately with your invoice.

Common extras include:

Window Cleaning
Tile & Grout Restoration
Vinyl Floor Restoration
Strip & Sealing
Steam/Vapour Cleaning
Mould Inspections and Mould Remediation Cleaning
High Pressssure Cleaning
Consumable Products
Sanitary Bin Service
Bind Cleaning
Toilet Paper
We bill our clients monthly. This not only reduces paperwork but can then be drafted into your yearly expenses in your budget.

Contracts are for a 12 month period, with a
“1 month Trial Period Available”

This provides both you and Precise the opportunity to alter any scheduling, frequency or pricing before the 12 month contract begins. It also aims at providing you with a taste of what Precise does best.

Contracts are always still performance based so if you are not happy with the services provided you can cancel without any penalties.

We service all areas of the Brisbane Metro Area.


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