Total Cleaning Solution

At Precise Commercial Cleaners we have developed a Total Cleaning Solution for your business.Total_Cleaning Solution Infographic

This solution is really a package deal for all your periodicals and consumables.
It provides you with all your annual periodicals such as window cleaning, carpet cleaning, vinyl restoration, tile & grout restoration added into your contract cleaning monthly pricing. By incorporating these periodicals into your monthly costs, we can heavily discount these services to provide true value for money.
You can relax knowing that they are regularly completed without you needing to worry about them. These periodicals are scheduled as mentioned below and booked in at the commencement of the cleaning contract. Not only are they booked in and scheduled, but once they are coming around to being done, you are sent a meeting invite through email which reflects the day the works are actually booked in.
No large annual outlays for Carpet Cleaning etc, all costs built into your monthly invoice.

How easy is that?

We find most companies can budget for these periodicals if it is set in stone, however when left to chance most of these services are overlooked, because you’re busy and never get done or approved.
Example Scheduling for Services:
• Carpet Cleaning – Annually
• Pressure Cleaning – Annually
• Tile & Grout Restoration – Quarterley – Annually
• Window Cleaning – 3 Monthly Exterior and Annually Interior
• Vinyl Restoration – Annually
And……invoiced separately, but also discounted
• Consumables (Toilet Paper & Hand Towels) 10% Discount
• Hygiene Services (Sanitary Bins) $165/Annum Monthly Service.
Of course, your premises may require more or less in certain areas of your building. Warehouse attached area may
need more frequent Carpet Cleaning. Exterior Windows if you’re on a main road, maybe required Monthly.
By choosing our Total Cleaning Solution you take advantage of massive discounts.

How? Well if we can book these works in months in advance and guarantee these jobs are done, we can discount them greatly. On average most clients have been saving approx. 10% – 20% per annum by bundling these services. No different from your insurance, your phone bills, the more services booked and paid for the greater the discount.
If you hadn’t requested it previously, contact us and ask us to put together a Total Cleaning Solution Proposal and see
the savings…………..


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