Uglying Out: Keep your Carpets Clean

Cleaners everywhere have had concerns relating to the reduction in cleaning frequencies, sometimes known as skip cleaning since the old GFC. Many Offices, Companies and Schools, in an effort to cut costs, reduced their cleaning, especially vacuuming. As our economy shows signs of rebounding, now is the time to consider increasing those vacuuming frequencies back to pre-GFC  levels, before irreversible damage is done to your carpets.

Contractors, Building Managers and Occupants all of which are responsible for the indoor environment have something to worry about. Reducing the vacuum frequencies from five days to every other day or less may, on the surface, seem like an easy way to save a dollar and trim a budget however the indoor environment suffers. The unintended consequence of such a decision lays hidden in the carpet pile. As the frequencies are reduced so are the carpet’s appearance and its life and the Uglying Out effect occurs.

The Synthetics fibers which most of the commercial carpets are made from get crushed, matted down, flattened abraded and scratched. As it flattens out it becomes porous and absorbs the dirt into the fiber.

All this is avoided though by regular vacuuming and regular Professional Carpet Cleaning.

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