Vinyl Restoration

Stripping & Sealing Vinyl

It’s Periodicals Time. The time of year while closed, many businesses get their periodical services such as Vinyl Restoration (Stripping & Sealing) done. I must admit, that it’s one of those services that I thoroughly enjoy doing. There is a real sense of excitement when you walk in and see a tired, dirty, grubby, unhygienic floor knowing that in a couple of hours you will of literally transformed it.

I love nothing more than sliding that last coat of sealer across the floor and seeing the colour of the vinyl bounce back to life. Although its hard yakka work, our staff tend to enjoy it to. So although I think we are almost fully booked over the Christmas Break, we’d love to get our scrubbers onto your floor and transform your vinyl floors in the New Year if you haven’t organised anything yet.

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