What’s Your Go To Cleaning Chemical?

What’s Your Go To Cleaning Chemical?


It’s a cliché that people in a certain industry assume everyone around them will find their industry just as fascinating as they do – in romantic movies one of the easiest ways to demonstrate that one of the suitors for the leading lady is unsuitable is to show him boring everyone as he talks on and on about his job as an accountant, or a banker, or a car salesman. And you sit in the audience and laugh and think that’s awful.

But we’re guilty of it too. We love the commercial cleaning business, and that means we sometimes find ourselves chatting away about cleaning chemical -specific things much to the bored horror of our friends and family. What can we say? When we meet up with fellow cleaning pros we love to ask them our favourite question, because we can’t really have this conversation with any ‘civilians.’ And that question is: What’s your ‘go to’  cleaning chemical?


Cleaning Chemical Choices (1)

Better Living through Chemistry

That’s because you won’t find anyone who loves science more than the people who own and operate a cleaning company. We know better than anyone that our livelihood wouldn’t be possible without modern cleaning chemical chemistry – and our homes and businesses would be a lot dirtier, too.

There was a time when all people had to work with was plain soap and water. If you were serious, you might use lye and risk your health in order to get the surfaces in your home as clean as possible. Today, though, we have plenty of choices. That can lead to a bit of choice paralysis, though:

With so many great choices, how do you choose? And once chosen, most companies, in our experience, get very fond of their choice and identify with it – and we’re certainly no exception.

Halo Fast Dry

Our choice of cleaning chemical? Oates Laboratories’ Halo Fast Dry. At the risk of sounding like a commercial: This stuff is amazing. We can’t tell you how often customers call to ask what we use, because they can’t believe we get their spaces as clean as we do as fast as we do. We’d love to claim we have secret advanced androids doing the work, or that we’ve invented time travel and actually clean your office before we even get there, but it’s much simpler: We love Hal Fast Dry.


Favourite Glass Cleaner

For windows, glass, laminate and other smooth shiny surfaces like chrome, it cuts grease and dirt, doesn’t streak, and dries super-fast. It’s our ‘go to’ cleaning chemical for every cleaning job we get – and we get a lot of jobs. We could tell you that Halo Fast Dry contains Isopropanol and Butoxyethanol – but let’s just say as far as we’re concerned it contains magic. Magic that lets us get your cleaning jobs done faster and more thoroughly than anything else we’ve ever tried.

But we do try other things, because this is more than what we do – this is who we are. And if we discover a new ‘go to’ chemical, we’ll be sure to let you know!

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