Window Cleaning

It’s essential that we ensure that your windows are cleaned at regular intervals so to maintain that crystal clear image that your business wants to portray. Everyone always comments about newly cleaned and bladed windows.

They Sparkle, Shine, Reflect and Demonstrate a care factor within your business. At Precise Commercial Cleaners we know you want;

  1. A Fair Price
  2. Prompt Regular Service
  3. A Reliable Service
  4. and Clean & Shiny Windows……

So whether it be a Weekly, Monthly,  Quarterly or Bi-Annual Clean, ensure you budget for it and get it done.

Of course once of services are also our thing too……

Generally we ask most clients whether they want it in built into the cleaning contract or priced separately but booked in. This way you can be happy in the knowledge that your windows will always look there best.

The Precise Window Cleaning team is fully trained and equipped to safely clean your commercial property, regardless of its size. We send the team that’s right for your building. Your cleaning may require poles and ladders or our specialized Water Fed Pole Pure Water cleaning equipment to reach inaccessible windows.

If we’re working at height to reach your windows we may use lift equipment or our abseil team may be the best option. Precise Window Cleaners will prepare a written Job Safety Analysis (JSA) in accordance with current statutory requirements. Precise staff are fully insured for Public Liability and have Work Cover insurance.

 “For the largest range of services, trained & secure staff and the latest staff management and customer services software systems you can be guaranteed that Precise Commercial Cleaners is continuing to strive to provide the best services in the market.”




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